Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liberty Crops and Dance Studio Pants

Found a photo of a guy rocking the "liberty crops". They don't look too bad for a women's item on a male. The price is $88 and can be bought here. Let me know if you try them out. 

I also noticed many guys trying the female dance studio pant which are a lightweight pant good for summer and spring. Many reviews can be read of guys wearing them and they apparently look good. The logo is only near the pocket and both male/female items have the same logo now. I might try these out in an indigo colour if I can find my size.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Just wanted to post some photos of some various outfits from my most recent purchases. I just wanted to say, that I hate black and greys and always need some form of colour. Hope this gives some ideas to anyone unsure what to pair with. Planning to wear and bring these to California when I visit in a few weeks. Also plan on purchasing more items when there. 
 Sapphire Blue Surge Pullover
 Heathered Sapphire Blue Metal Tech Short Sleeve
 Antidote Run Response Shorts
 Metal Tech Camo Half Zip
Spilt Pea Bolt Tech Short Sleeve
Black Smash Pants
Striped 5 Year Basic Tee
Core Shorts in Coal

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recent Purchases

Went to my local lululemon and purchased the metal tech half zip on markdown for $84 (regular $108) as well as the antidote run response shorts for $64. I have been eying down this half zip for a while so decided to purchase it as soon as it was on markdown. 

 Here is a colour comparison between spilt pea (top) and antidote (bottom). 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Mens Growth

Another Article found on MSNBC, can be read here.

Some highlights include... (looks very promising in the mens line)

"Lululemon executives laid out an ambitious horizon for growing the chain's geographic footprint, adding more types of apparel and expanding men's offerings."

"Buss said Lululemon is allocating about 20 percent of its store space to men's apparel, which currently makes up only about 12 percent of sales. "

We definitely envision the men’s line becoming a more significant portion our business and look forward to sharing this exciting product with our guests,"

Surge Jacket - Kayak Blue

On the Canadian side, the Surge Jacket in Kayak Blue was uploaded. I will have to try this jacket on, I do really like the bright blue! The price is $128 which is reasonable for a spring jacket.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Article in the Globe and Mail

Below you can read the article posted in the globe and mail. The most interesting part is the "potential growth in the mens" and the possibility of adjacent mens shops. Lululemon is missing out on a huge target of Mens workout gear who typically would use Nike or Under Armour. The best way for men to get introduced to the brand is through their wives/girlfriends/sisters etc. The second half of this year is when the "impact product" will take place. This must mean summer and fall lines will be improved.
We all need to continually demand for more mens products through stores, twitter or Facebook. They did listen, and they need the feedback. It also says increased "fashion, colouring and detailing" so looks like big improvements are coming. My wallet is already not liking the sound of it. I can expect lots of growth with this Lulumen blog as the mens line is expanded and grown.
You can read the article here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Latest

I can't believe April is almost half way over, Im just finishing up my last two exams of year 2 and then my summer break begins. Time is flying by...

This is the 5 Year Basic Long Sleeve in Heathered Navajo Tan ($78)
The Deep Cove Hoodie II in Heathered Lavender Grey ($98)

Im not sure if I like this colour or not, I have had some conversations online with some other ladies and many found it a bit feminine for a guys hoodie. Im sure some guys could rock it, but I don't see myself getting one.

These are the Cadence Short in the Navajo Tan (which are the new version of the Trainer Short and they are $88)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Australian Preview: Technique Polo

Should be showing up here in Canada and the US soon. Looks like a great, well fitted polo for casual or semi formal use. Would look great paired with a pair of Kahuna or Cadence Shorts.


  • A light-as-mesh performance top made for moderate to intense workouts
  • Lightweight, breathable, wicking Silverescent™ with antistink and antistatic properties
  • Has a great slim fit
  • Soft Luxtreme™ neckband and inserts for increased stretchability and comfort
  • Flat-seamed for chafe resistance and comfort

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Store Fittings!

Now that I am back home, you will see a ton more fittings and reviews from product at my local store. Im so happy to have a lululemon close to home!
New Water bottles in Flash (looks more orange then pink) and Menthol.
5 Year Basic in Surf Stripe Kayak Blue (small above) with the Run Response Shorts in Kayak Blue (one of the shirts is Medium and one is the Small). I tend to size up in casual wear for more comfort especially in their tshirts and true to size in workout tops.
Paired with the Kahuna Shorts in White/Kayak Blue.
My order from today. My local store didn't have any Antidote or Kayak Blue in the small size. I also ordered the very popular Flash Vinyasa Scarf for a friend as a gift (Please hopefully they don't read this). I recommend ordering this scarf now because its flying off the shelves. My local store was already sold out.
The Run Response Shorts in Small Black.

I believe this is the medium and the above photo is the small.

200th Post - Upload :)

This is the 200th post at lulumen :) and its also upload tuesday. Lots of new goods uploaded today. I am tempted to order stuff, but Id rather just visit the store and not have to wait a whole week for shipping. The only disappointment is the binary crew which increased $10 to $88 (reg $78). They were very nice warm shirts, but even at the old price, they were expensive. Some of the below items were uploaded before, they just show up in the "what new section" again.

You can view it here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Various Items

Surge Pullover in Kayak Blue
Metal Tech Long Sleeve in Heathered Caspian Blue with Kahuna Shorts
Light As Air Tech Short Sleeve in Heathered Deep Shore

Metal Tech Short Sleeve in Kayak Blue

Temp Singlet with Response Shorts in Kayak Blue

Heathered Deep Shore

Found a product notification for a Metal Tech Short Sleeve in a Heathered Deep Shore.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Light As Air Jacket

Here we have the light as air jacket. Made for running in the spring or summer rain/wind. The material is made of glyde and comes in deep shore, fossil and black. Its available online and in stores.

why we made this

Running in all kinds of weather is what spring is all about. We created this jacket to help us fight the good fight against wind and rain. The water-resistant glyde fabric is finished with DWR (Durable-Water-Repellent) to keep us dry.

key features

  • zipper garage keeps your chin from getting chafed
  • body-mapped perforation for airflow - Coolio might be getting too hot but not us
  • zipper vents for instant cool-downs
  • secure zipper pockets on chest and hips to stow keys and cards
  • reflective visibility for early morning and evening runs
  • cinchable hem drawcord for adjustable length and fit

tech specs

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s): glyde
  • properties: wind- and water-resistant, body-mapped, breathable, quick drying
  • fit: athletic
  • length: hip

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Light As Air Tech Short Sleeve

Found photos of the Light As Air Tech Short Sleeve. It retails for $72 (seems steep) and is made of silverescent and circle mesh. Comes in Kayak Blue, Deep Shore and Black. The back reflective material is useful for those later runs at night.

why we made this

Mesh panels in high sweat areas and anti-stink technology help to keep us cool in the gym, on the trail and in the mat. We engineered this lightweight top to wick away sweat (you'll have to take care of the tears on your own).

key features

  • the knitted Silverescent® is lightweight and breathable
  • panels of Circle Mesh in high sweat areas to help keep you dry
  • preshrunk to help prevent laundry mishaps
  • the flat seams are engineered to reduce chafing
  • long length in the back, if only plumbers wore tops like this

tech specs


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