Thursday, May 31, 2012

From the Store

Went to the local store and tried on some of the newest goods. I ended up buying nothing and just wanted to wait on the run response shorts. I don't really "need" any right now, I really should save some money up especially towards a new Macbook Pro. 

Freestyle Polo $78 
-made of cotton
-other years were made of technical fabric  (this years is disappointing)
-the fit was very slim fit and soft
-the collar was very stiff and well made
-only in heathered black currently

Run Response Shorts in Lakemount Blue Small $64

Run Response Shorts in Black Iris Blue Small $64
- i love the orange accents (flare colour)

June Product Drop

Going to head to the local store to check out some of the latest items!

 Free Style Polo in Heathered Black

Run Response Shorts 
(Black Iris Blue/Lake Mount Blue)

 Light As Air Singlet

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Finally for a product notification for the mens polo. 

Should be hitting the stores later this week or early next.


A few new items on the upload this morning. We can finally see what the lake mount blue, black iris blue and watermark colours look like. So far the newest product for June is looking good. I am tempted to order the two new pairs of run response shorts. 

The Watermark Blue in the Metal Tech Short Sleeve
 Run Response Short in Black Iris Blue

I think I'm going to buy bother pairs of run response shorts when i visit the store this week.
 Run response short in Lake Mount Blue
 Boxier Brief with Flare and Lake Mount Blue
 I really like the colour contrast between the blue and orange

Product Notifications

With June approaching in a few days, product notifications will be coming in shortly...

Below is the new lake mount blue

I love this colour and will be looking for these shortly! Will try and post some photos later this week once my store receives them.

New Shirt

Friday, May 25, 2012

Store Report

Spent some time at my local store today and tried out the 5 Year Basic Tank in the size small and medium. The fit of this top was very relaxed since they are made with cotton and for people with more broad shoulders. They are super soft and lightweight. I think this would be the perfect top for warm weather and visiting the beach. The blue colour is a size small and the striped one is size medium (my store did not have the striped one in medium). I liked the fit of the small one better. The price is $48.

 Left: Small Blue
Right: Medium Stripes

Also tried the temp singlet in a size small. This top is the technical version of the 5 Year Basic Tank so it is a better choice for working out in. I prefer the fit of the 5 Year Basic Tank but it would limit my use.

5 Year Basic Tank

I am very unsure about this mens tank. It looks quite feminine and I won't be able to rock this one comfortably. I know many ladies are thinking about picking this up as a casual and comfy tank. I think the price is $48. Let me know what you think?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Product Notifications

Website Update: I have noticed all of the Kung Fu Pants have disappeared from the website, usually this means they are about to go on markdown. 

Two new colours have been spotted in Australian product notifications which are Watermark and Lakemont Blue. I have not found any photos of these colours. Blue is my favourite colour so hopefully they are nice shades. I am so tired of grey and black. Even a navy colour would be nice.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Men's SeaWheeze Shorts

If you signed up for the SeaWheeze, these will be the free light as air shorts you will be receiving. I like them! The plaid pattern may be a bit on the feminine side but I feel you could wear many colours of tops and still match. I reviewed these shorts a while back and really liked them.
EDIT: another side view photo... the pattern does not continue to the front  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 Year Basic Tank

May was a slow month for Mens lulu items. I have heard from several people that mens product drops will be quite significant for the month of June. Lets all stay patient and hope for new gear. 

5 Year Basic Tank

Price is likely $48

Im not sure If I like the different colour chest pocket (I don't have big enough muscles to rock this)

EDIT: found some photos

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheer Gear

Found this photo on my computer today and had to share my obsession with the pacific beach hoodie. Here is the Canadian, American, Sweden and German collection with hoodie, mitts and toque. I am still looking for the hockey guy hoodie in size small or medium. Let me know if you have this item to sell to me.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Newest Purchases :)

Hey everyone :) I am back from my week long trip to California. I had a blast and visited San Francisco and San Diego. Of course lots of Lulu stores were visited and I was able to purchase a few items. I will be posting about those later this week. 

 Cadence Tee: Limelight Colour (this is a true fluorescent lime green and is very bright in person compared to the website). Its very hard to capture a photo. Retails for $54.

 Run Response Shorts in Antidote (not as bright as the limelight). Camera does not show the colour properly. Retails for $64.
 Below it looks very dull and ugly. Its a nicer lime green, just darker then limelight.
 I had to post a photo of my latest lime green obsession of all my items. The hoodie is the Pacific Beach Hoodie which has lime green accents (antidote). 
 Purchased this hoodie on ebay, I have been looking for this one for a very long time. I love the combo with lime green and grey. 
 My favourite hoodie which is no longer made. I love the back logo detail too. Please make this hoodie again Lululemon! 


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