Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post Surf Tee + Ray Singlet

Here is the new post surf tee which retails for $58.

The fit was slim and very comfy. The neck line was just the right size. Im just not sure if I like the large pocket that much. I do love the navy colour. I bought this for now. 

Light as Air Singlet in Ray/Dark Slate (online and coming to stores this week) $58

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today was upload day. The very first "ray" item was uploaded which I am excited to see more of this colour. I am also hoping we see more "flare" which is the bright orange/red. The new lake mount blue camo metal tech shirt looks nice too. Its always good to see coloured mens items. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

FOR SALE - Size Small

Its that time of the year, where I sell some lesser loved lulu pieces. Both are in excellent condition and have not been warn more then a few times. Please let me know if your interested. Thanks :) 

Lululemon Pacific Beach Hoodie Size Small 

On ebay here

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fit Review: Post Surf Short

Totally meant to post this a few days ago, but forgot to. I tried on the post surf short which fit exactly like the pants. They retail for $88 and can be found online and in store. The price of these is overpriced for basic cotton shorts, I would never spend $90 on shorts with no technical features. If I get these, It will be on markdown. 

Dark Slate Colour in Small 

Lots of pockets for wallet, phone or keys. 

Longer length

Unique ruffles along the waistband with back pockets (seem kinda big, things may fall out).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Product Drop + Upload

Repetition Duffel $148 (I  think this will be reduced in price, the larger duffel is cheaper and bigger)

why we made this

With separate pockets for shoes, sweaty gear and small stuff, we engineered this durable duffel bag to hold all of our athletic (and other) essentials. It's built to last - just like Mr. T.

key features

  • don't lose your s#it - multiple side pockets make it easy to grab your phone, keys and cards
  • durable and meant to take a beating
  • store your shoes in the isolated quick-access exterior pocket and stash your sweaty gear separatley in the seam-sealed side pocket
  • clip your mat in or tuck straps away when not needed
  • bright lining makes it easy to spot your stuff
  • adjust the padded shoulder strap or let it hang and grab the handles

tech specs

  • designed for: gym, yoga, to-and-from
  • fabrics: 1680 Denier Cordura fabric with DWR finish
  • properties: water-resistant, durable, seam-sealed
  • organisation: interior pocketing system, exterior pockets, shoe pouch, sweaty laundry pouch
  • dimension: 24" high x 111/2" long x 111/2" wide

  We will be seeing more of the flare colour (according to twitter @lululemon)

 Black Swan with Polka Dot Kahuana Short (why did these have to have dots on them) $78

Wondering if we will see more of this colour or not...
  Post Surf Short $88 (over priced for basic cotton shorts)

 Jericho Jacket $128

 Jericho Short (weird colour combo/patterns) $78 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Bag

Found this new bag called the Repetition Bag (might be a smaller version of the duffel) 

UPDATE: PRICE is $148 and can be found ONLINE too!
-not worth this price 

Friday, June 8, 2012

New: Post Surf Short

Looks like a new "post surf short" paired with the 5 year basic tee. It appears they just cut the bottom half of the pants off and made shorts. Im not sure on price. 

*update* $68 is the price

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


If anyone else follows the womens line, the newest colour RAY which is like highlighter yellow is coming to the mens side. I just found a product notification for the Light As Air Singlet with Ray/Dark Slate.

I sure hope this comes in a few items!

June Goods

A new mens hoodie

No idea on pricing or other colours or a name, has no hood.

*will update*

West Coast Shorts (new item, no pricing yet)

Printed Plaid Kahuana Shorts $78

 Green Apple Light as Air Tech $72

 Run hat in plaid $28

Upload Details

Light as Air Tech Short Sleeve II (the first version came out not too long ago)

This colour is called Apple Green $72

Run Response Shorts in Lakemount Blue

This picture makes me want the shorts

Run Response Shorts in Polka Dot Black/Soot $64

Not sure If I like the dots for men


 Kahuana Shorts in Lighthearted Plaid Printed $78

It appears to be the Flare Colour (orange) and Lakemount Blue

Hopefully we see more items in these colours

Homerun hat in lighthearted plaid $28


Today is UPLOAD day!

A few new goodies, will update later with more detail.


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