Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Urban Trekker Backpack

Finally tracked this bag down after waiting since the preview on the website headers in June. I am absolutely in love with this bag. Its the perfect backpack for school and every day use. The price is $98. It was originally marked $128 but a "cheaper" sticker is over the old price. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Square One tonight for the help and small discount. Shout-out to the awesome team there tonight. I was not able to find the *Lined Seawall pant, it was some sort of product notification error. This review has tons of photos and I will try and explain everything to you. Let me know if you have any further questions. 

"This pack was engineered to trek the essentials from work to track and everywhere between"

The colours are lakemount blue and black iris blue.

Lots of zippers and various pockets.

Compression molded back panel with vertical air panel for ventilation.

Water bottle slots on each side. 

The lighter blue is about 3/4 of the backpack. 

Pocket for your wallet, its labeled for convince/suggestion. 

A strap for your keys.

A fleece lined pocket, good for a phone or something else you want to keep protected. 

Yoga matt mesh pocket, also has straps to keep in place (shows the straps in another photo at the end).

Fits the Pure Balance Water Bottle on both sides. Very solid and stuck in there. Does not seem like it will fall out easily. 

Will hold two water bottles (one on each side). 

The front pocket expands  and is separated. It is great for sweaty gear that you want to keep separate from your other items. 

Could easily fit a pair of shoes. 

Also comes with a separate bag which is good for sweaty clothes. 

Main interior pocket has a spot for pens or other small items.

Main interior pocket also has more mesh to hold items. 

Laptop compartment has a water proof zipper.

Laptop compartment also has a tablet pouch which holds an iPad perfectly.

Quite large, could hold up to a 15'' laptop (I have a 13'' Macbook Pro and it fit perfectly).

Shows the yoga mat straps which tuck back inside when not in use. 

The new Urban Trekker Backpack compared to the older Cruiser Backpack (this one was great, just a bit too big for me to use). That one is about 4 years old and still in great condition.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Urban Trekker Backpack

Was able to visit the Oakville Store today. Looked for the Urban Trekker Backpack and Seawall Pant *Lined but had no luck. Apparently they are not getting them until next week. Other stores in the western provinces have received this item as well as various US locations. It will be only a matter of time until I get mine. I also "think" I need the seawall pant as well. 

 Im really liking the red interior but I did have my heart set on the blue version. Ill have to see both and decide later. Hopefully they are uploaded online.

Update: more photos

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall 2012 Product Highlights

Just wanted to share some photos of the latest fall goods that really show off the colours and items.

Black Swan Sprint Jacket (appears much darker outside direct light)

Black Swan Cadence Tee show with the Tight Tight

Black Swan Sprint Zip with Black Swan Metal Tech (appears to be heathered)

Sprint Half Zip in Black Iris Blue (love the herringbone pattern). I noticed on the Sprint Long Sleeve that the print (herringbone) is thicker and feels to be warmer.

Soot run response shorts. I do love the textured look of these.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seawall Pant *Lined

I feel like they are reading this blog. Found a notification for the Seawall Pants Lined (they come in black iris blue as shown, black and soot). Price should be $128 (Unlined is $118). I must pick a pair of these up later this week. 

I also saw a notification for the urban trekker backpack, lets hope its real. (One other store sent it out by mistake a few weeks ago).


It was upload night, nothing special uploaded other then more Blue. (In this case, its called Deep Blue).

It is great to see the seawall pant return, I wish it they would create a lined version. These are the mens version of the popular dance studio pants for women. I have a pair of the seawall pants from 3 (maybe 4) years ago which I paid $98 but now they are $118. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lame Week

Its been a dry week for mens product. I did find two more black swan items. One being the cadence tee (which I will likely pick up). Also a 5 year basic tee in some kind of black swan/grey stripe. Hopefully we see more in the coming weeks. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lame Upload : One Item

Only one new item uploaded to the website, one of the weakest uploads we have had. I bought the west coast jacket last year, I do still love it. For some reason its $20 more then last year. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fit Review: Binary Crew II

Binary Crew $88: Black Swan

I originally bought this for my obsession for black swan but since have returned it. I cannot justify $88 for a shirt, I do not love. I absolutely love the colours (black swan and ray accents) but I found this item to be weird fitting. The length is way too short. Also it fits quite baggy in the armpits. 

Reversed Side is a more solid black swan. 

Ray Stitching

You can also see the "previous price" which was $78 (last year). 


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