Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Pure Balance Water Bottle

On the lululemon website the average rating is 3/5 stars. Most of the negative reviews are from people who have broken their water bottle from dropping it. Just a small note, it is a glass water bottle so it has a high change of breaking when dropped. I dropped one of mine from about 2 feet onto concrete and it did not break, only scratched the plastic part on the top. I passed that scratched one onto my sister.

I currently own the Angle Blue, Ray and Flare coloured ones. 

Price is $28 each

- they are glass (they can break when dropped)
- wide spout makes it difficult when in motion (forget about drinking water while driving)

-silicon layer gives you a grip and protects from minor drops
-handle to hold the bottle
-glass is easy to clean 

19.5 oz or almost 600ml

The colours are much more bright and vibrant in real life. My iPhone seems to tone them down. 

Features a wide spout which can easily fit ice cubes.

The older blue one from February. 

Holds lots of ice cubes. 

November 2012: Colour Palette + Fluff Off Collection

As winter slowly starts to arrive, we will be seeing more winter goods. This is my favourite time to buy lululemon products to stay warm and comfy. For November, I have predicted these "may" be the colour palette for men. There might be some surprises but based on the website uploads, this looks like the main colours for Fall/Winter.

Deep Blue


Love Red 

Black Swan

This colour should be retiring soon, there might be a few items still floating around. 

FLUFF OFF Collection

The Mens "Fluff Off Collection" should be hitting stores shortly as well which is down filled products such as a jacket or vests. We have not seen any fall vests yet for men for example. The photo above was from a CNBC video talking about lululemon stock and business results. There is also a female collection called "What the Fluff". 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sequence Hoodie

Found a ton of photos of the new Men's Sequence Hoodie 

Also available online (but not the black swan or textured black).

Im really hoping its thick cotton, and not a cheaper thinned out version (remember the deep cove hoodie, that cotton was thin).  Either way, I think ill end up purchasing the black swan one.

Price is $118

Ill have to compare this to the PBH, my favourite one.

My home store Masonville was the first store to post a photo of the Black Swan Hoodie.

Shout out to the ladies who work there who check out this blog, you girls rock :) 

Upload: October 30, 2012

Some new goods upload to the website this morning. Tempted to order the sequence hoodie but I think I will wait to visit my local store this weekend before purchasing.

New red called "Love Red"

*Lined Seawall Pant was uploaded!  

Monday, October 29, 2012

NEW Mens Hoodie: Sequence

Robson Street was the first store to post a photo of the new MEN's Sequence Hoodie.

It is about time, we had some sort of fall hoodie.

The purple appears to be Black Swan (Going to purchase this for sure). 

"Thick Cotton Fleece, Preshrunk"

Looks like a remake of the pacific beach hoodie.

Hopefully we see these on Upload tonight. 

Price is currently unknown.

Update Price is $118

(has a big hood and ribbing down the sides)

I also really like the textured one, much different then the solids we are used to.

Fit Review: Seawall Pant *Lined

Finally these pants have arrived. After a few weeks of "they don't exist" they just showed up in various product notifications and eventually to my local store. 

They feature a coolmax liner inside the entire pant. As far as the fit, they are a bit tighter throughout the legs because of the liner. I tried on the next size up, and found them too be too big in the waist (I have a very small waist). If you are in between sizes, I would go for the larger size.

For the warmth, they are like heaven. I wore them over the weekend walking the dog and running errands and my legs were nice and toasty. They are warmer then any luon pants as well as the formula/post surf pants as examples. They keep the wind out and the warmth in. 

Price is $108

This colour is black iris blue, they also come in black and soot (grey).  

The unlined pair is $118, I find for $10 more the lined is well worth it. 

I am located in Southern Ontario, Canada. The liner will keep me warm during the cold winters. 

(Sorry about the paw, my cat seems to try and get in every photo).

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fit Review: Sprint Jacket II *Houndstooth

Fit Review: The Sprint Jacket II in *Houndstooth white silver slate

$168 ($20 more then the regular)

I just had to try this on today, I absolutely must have it. It is much softer the the regular Sprint Jacket (in the other colours) because of the print. I am wearing a size small here, I would size up to a medium in order to have more room to layer something underneath. I also found the sleeves to be short, which caused tension in the shoulders. I would rather it be a bit loose and comfy. 

I also purchased the Seawall Pant *Lined (will be posted tomorrow). 

There is thumbholes to help keep the sleeves down. 

The hood folds up inside the collar (reminds me of a Bench Jacket) but better. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 2012: Fall Highlights

Showing the textured detail on the 5 Year Basic Tee 

Updated training jacket in heathered black iris blue

This is paired with the Seawall Pant in Soot 

As mentioned before, these are the male version of the *Dance Studio Pant*.

Features draw strings in the legs to allow you to keep them from moving around.

Zippered side pocket (great for a phone or wallet).

Lined Version of the Seawall pant? 

I have received several product emails about a *lined version which have been sent out this week. The GEC live chat is claiming this is an "error" and there is no lined version out there. Im not sure If I believe this, since its weird so many stores would make the same error. If you know any details about these please let me know in a comment or email me (send a photo if you can).

I will visit my local store this weekend and see if they exist, they also sent out a product notification. 

The lined version is $128 ($10 more then unlined) and are lined with coolmax. Makes it a much warmer pant to wear in the winter or fall months. I will likely pick up a pair. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest Goods: End of the Month

Just some random shots from various stores.


5 Year Basic Long Sleeve in Tahiti paired with Black Iris Blue SeaWall Pants

Seawall Pant in Black Iris Blue 
(Male version of the Dance Studio Pants)

Sure hope these come in a *lined version. The product notifications are apparently showing *lined are ALL incorrect according to the GEC (guest education centre). The lined version do not exist I was told.

Mens Sprint Beanie 

Below: with the Deep Blue Sprint Long Sleeve

Studio Hoodie in Black Iris Blue 
(Anyone else check out the 1/5 star reviews on the website, crazy!) 

Paired with the Studio Short in Black Swan
(must give these a try)

Sprint 2 Studio 2 in 1 Pant

Sprint Zip Deep Blue Half Zip

The Sprint Jacket in Houndstooth

Almost picked this up on the weekend but did not want to pay the $20 premium for the "pattern". I already have this in Black Swan and it was $148 (a bit pricey) but I love it. Look forward to a review.

The Deep Blue Sprint Half Zip 

with the 5 Year Basic Tee

and Black Swan Home Run Hat


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