Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012: Product Notifications

Came across these new product notifications (mostly colours).

Black Iris Blue 


Silver/Slate Black

Speed 1/2 Zip

Some new colours for speed half zip.

Looks like I will be buying the black swan as long as its solid and no colour blocking.

Newest Goods : End of November 2012

FIT REVIEWS: Visited my local store earlier this evening and they did not receive these new items. I was hoping to give you guys some feedback on regards to fit and function. Please let me know what you are looking to see and what you want me to answer. 

Hoodless Hoodie

Price: $148

Colour: Black Iris Blue

Material: Stretch French Terry with a Puffy Neck

Not a big fan of the shinny material, why ruin a good item?

Chillstop 1/2 Zip

Price: $128

Colour: Beaming/Black Iris Blue

Material: Stretch Softshell (front), Tech Fleece (back) and Coolmax (underarm)

This is what makes a good lulu item. It is the various combinations of technical fabrics which makes up a unique and functional/fashionable item. 

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

Chillstop Quilted Jacket

Price : $248

Colour: Silver Slate/Black (also comes in solid black)

Material: Cire, Tech Fleece, Power Luxtreme, Power Mesh

It also features the Luxchange Hood or Collar 
(future items also allow you to interchange this feature, currently in the women's side)

I also believe this is more of a "too and from" piece versus winter running jacket.

A heard a few rumours about: more winter running gear is on its way...
(Merino for example)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beaming Blue Sequence Hoodie

Here is a photo of the new beautiful (love this blue) Sequence Hoodie. 

The colour is beaming blue and price is $118.

Im visiting my store tonight, let me know if there is anything you want me to check out ! 


I was told there was an Upload tonight with some new product.

The women's has a bunch of near gear while us men are left hanging.

Sorry about the confusion readers, I was told otherwise earlier this week.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creamsicle Pop Boxer

The Creamsicle Pop coloured Game on Boxer Brief was uploaded to the Hong Kong website. 

Not exactly sure if we will see other items in this colour or just boxers.

Often there will be left over coolmax from the women's side and they just make them into boxers. Hence why sometimes they are random and limited quantities. 

Upcoming Products

Reminder: there will be an UPLOAD tonight ! (stay tuned)

Sequence Hoodie in Beaming Blue 

Some type of floral print in the Game On Boxer

Chillstop Jacket also comes in some Silver Slate Black

I really want this jacket, it is a bit pricy ($248). 

Sneak preview on the AUS website.

Beaming Blue Run Response Shorts (looks like lakemount blue) from earlier this summer.

The Soot/Beaming blue was also uploaded on the AUS side. 

(This is the one from the header).

Merino Wool / Special Upload Thursday

Good news everyone, I just found out there will be a special upload this Thursday and it is likely to feature some men's merino wool items. I could sure use a long sleeve henley to keep warm this winter. I will update on Thursday with what is uploaded! (they usually happen around 2:15am, yes I stay up for them or set an alarm). 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product Notifications: More BLUE!

Studio Pant (looser fitting french terry) in black iris blue! 

Will be picking up a pair of these! 


Beaming Blue Sequence Hoodie $118

Beaming Blue Boxer and CREAMSICLE POP (like a orange sherbet colour, was quite popular on the ladies side, might make some people look pale. I will have to check it out in another item.) 


Beaming Blue Speed 1/2 Zip.


Fit Review: 5 Year Basic Tee

Here is the 5 Year Basic Tee in Classic Stripe Black Swan Love Red

Price: $54

Made out of Vitasea (ultra soft cotton shirt, keeps it shape)

Now these shirts are designed to last 5 years. I have a couple of them from a few years ago which are holding up perfectly. I find if you wash them with other cotton shirts with cold water, low spin. Then lay flat to dry and then fluff up for a few minutes. That keeps them from pilling or fading. You might be hesitant from spending $48 for a shirt but when they are last at least 5 years, its only about $10 per year and If you wear it lots, the cost per wear is $0.33 (30 wears in one year).

 I was not planning on purchasing this item but my friend peer pressured me into it.  I really liked the look of the red and black swan (looks just like black or maybe black irs blue). I find red items do not come out often in the mens side. You got to snatch them up before they are gone. I am still hoping for a pair of red shorts!

Merino Wool Items

Here is the crosstown beanie with crosstown scarf. They are made of Merino Wool. 

(Also shown with the Speed Long Sleeve) 

Prices are a bit pricy on these items at $58 and $98. I think I might pick up the beanie this weekend. I have 4 of the Olympic Toques which are all bright fun colours but I am looking for something more "normal" and for everyday use. I would have no use for the scarf. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

UPLOAD! Happy Cyber Monday

There was a surprise upload today. Also Happy Cyber Monday (wish they had some deals too!)

Lots of items uploaded today for the winter season.

Are you ordering anything? 

More colours of the fluff off hoodie.

A new winter running jacket.

Combination pullover with softshell in the front and fleece.

This speed zip has a really cool pattern.

Beaming blue light as air tech.

This appears to be an updated version of the cadence tee but I think its labelled wrong. 

Regular fitting stretch french terry pant.

Winter running pant. 

Run response short texture with beaming blue accent. Still not the ones from the header. 

A new camo print in the boxer brief.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fit Review: Studio 1/2 Zip

Here is the Studio 1/2 Zip fit review.

Price: $118

Size: Small

Colour: Classic Stripe Deep Blue Black Iris Blue

At first, I was unsure about the off centre zipper. After trying the item on and zipping it up, I actually liked the feeling of the zipper. Apparently this off centre zipper reduces bulk. This piece would be great for warming up before and after the gym or running in the cooler weather. You could also use it as a base layer. The only thing it is missing is thumbholes and/or cuffins. That would help keep the sleeves in place or the hands warm when outdoors.  The fit is true to size and I found the sleeves to be the perfect length. I think I might pick one of these up, just going to wait a bit to see what other winter goodies are coming first. 


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