Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fit Review: 5 Year Basic Tee

Here is the 5 Year Basic Tee in Classic Stripe Black Swan Love Red

Price: $54

Made out of Vitasea (ultra soft cotton shirt, keeps it shape)

Now these shirts are designed to last 5 years. I have a couple of them from a few years ago which are holding up perfectly. I find if you wash them with other cotton shirts with cold water, low spin. Then lay flat to dry and then fluff up for a few minutes. That keeps them from pilling or fading. You might be hesitant from spending $48 for a shirt but when they are last at least 5 years, its only about $10 per year and If you wear it lots, the cost per wear is $0.33 (30 wears in one year).

 I was not planning on purchasing this item but my friend peer pressured me into it.  I really liked the look of the red and black swan (looks just like black or maybe black irs blue). I find red items do not come out often in the mens side. You got to snatch them up before they are gone. I am still hoping for a pair of red shorts!


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