Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Products from Emails

Metal Tech in a V Neck! (I know some were waiting for this).

Also a Macro Striped Essential Polo (love this!)

UPLOAD... nothing!

This inkwell macro stripe henley is nice!

Black Luon Kung Fu Pants, buy em before they are gone!

Peacock Impact Short, Oh I hate those ugly pocket patches...

More *Linerless shorts uploaded, wonder if this is from the "mistake" and they removed all the liners and are selling them as *Linerless (I originally bought a pair of Frond/Inkwell Light as Air Shorts but the liner was so tight around the legs (they added weird elastic) it was very uncomfortable. I was able to return them for a store credit. Canada never got them, picked them up in New York City.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fit Review: Precise Shorts

Precise Shorts

Size: Small

Colour: Peacock Blue

Material: Recycled Swift and Ultra Light Liner

(I realize I was wearing spongebob boxers, I know embarassing! 
I also didn't want to try them on without underwear) 

The small size was extremely small. They stretched significantly to fit around my waist. I am a 30 waist but I would say the small in this size is about 28. The medium size was a bit too big (sorry no photo). These are exactly a 5'' version of the pace breaker shorts. They also come in Faded Zap and Black. I do like the reflective details and ventilation in the back. Also handy having a small side pocket for gel or smaller music device. If you are looking for a pair of light and shorter style for running, these are perfect for you. They also might work great on the beach.

Fit Review: Elevate Henley

Elevate Henley

Size: Small

Colour: Peacock Blue

Material: Vitasea (super soft cotton) 

I would say the fit of this item runs slightly big. I am wearing a small which is my normal size and I would of prefered to size down for a more slimmer fit. The material is super soft and cozy, very delicate (I would be scared to snag it) but it was comfy. I loved this shade of blue. The only thing that was negative was the price tag, $88 is steep for a basic cotton henley. I miss the RULU ones they had several years ago which were priced at $78. 

Friday, April 26, 2013


Alarming Precise Tee and Studio Shorts.

Faded Zap Precise Shorts (5'' length) and Kayak Blue Focus V.

Love this colour combo.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated We Made Too Much

A few new items added to the "We Made Too Much" section of the website. The Focus 1/2 zip is much more reasonably priced at $69. I ordered the faded zap, kayak and hampton blue. About to pull the trigger on the Element Jacket. Not 100% sure yet... These are company wide markdowns so the prices should be the same in store. Let me know if you find any other deals.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A decent upload on the mens side. I will have to try on some new gear this week! 

More Sea Mist Items have shown up.

Alarming Pace Breaker (US SIDE) and White ones.

I love the Peacock Impact Shorts, still hoping for some Pace Breakers, the patches of Sea Mist are really bugging me around the pocket. Why ruin a good item?

Also the Daily Short is a slimmer fitting Kahuna Short. Might pick up a pair of Inkwell ones.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

ISO: In Search Of (Cypress Run Long Sleeve PLUM)


Cypress Run Long Sleeve in Plum

Size Small or Medium

Please send me an email at ericlewis91(at)gmail(dot)com

Also looking for any other colours (no rugged blue or limelight)


SeaWheeze Route Change

The 2013 Route for Lululemon's Half Marathon was slightly altered and removed the hill towards 4th avenue. The top photo is last years route and the bottom is this years route. Who else is planning on running SeaWheeze?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fit Review: Tidal Pullover

I totally posted this and didn't write any comments. What a fail...

Here is the Tidal Pullover in Black. I was just trying this item on for size because I want the one below in the floral pattern. I am wearing a size small and found the fit to be baggy. I feel I would of sized down if there was the option. The material is very lightweight and comfortable. Im trying to justify the $148 on something I would only be wearing in the summer months. The only thing that annoyed me was the flap of fabric under the zipper. You can sorta see it in the top photo at the side of my phone.

Peacock Blue Impact Shorts

Found these two photos that show the Peacock Blue Impact Shorts.

Also paired with the new 5 Year Basic V Neck.

As well as the Metal Tech Striped.

Im thinking about these shorts, the random patch irritates me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Product in more Colours!

Elevate Henley in Peacock

Impact Short in Peacock

I really hope peacock pace breakers come out. The colour is really nice. Similar to surge or tahiti blue.

The Latest Goods April 2013

The fact that April is just flying by amazes me, just about halfway to May.

Essential Polo $88

Impact Short is coming in Peacock Blue (not sure I like the random coloured pocket).

Seamist Metal Tech

More of the Essential Polo with the Daily Short


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