Friday, June 28, 2013

Bubbling Top

A reader sent me this top that has somehow bubbled from sweating. Anyone has this happen before?

Thursday, June 27, 2013


A bunch of the Focus V are on markdown at my local store for $39. Much better then $58. I was very tempted by the Pizzaz one, I also saw Seamist and Rosado. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

El Current Paddle Boadshort and Tech Top

Not sure about the UPF top, the "fake pocket" ruins it.

Has anyone picked up the top yet? What do you think?

I love the boardshorts, lightweight, comfy and soft! 

You can hook the top into the boardshort tie.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

UPLOAD End of June 2013

A decent upload for the end of the month. 

I think I will be picking up the Paddle Tech Top later this week.

They finally released a henley without the tacky pocket!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love Red!

Love Red is returning in the next batch of colours. They may make an appearance tonight. If not we will have to wait until the July Upload.

Sneak Peaks from Product Notifications.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Men's Boardshort

Picked these board shorts up today. They are very soft and comfy. Also very lightweight. I am impressed with these. Not sure I liked the $88 price tag but they say they last in pools and oceans. My store didn't have any of the UPF shirts so I wasn't able to try that item out. I originally hated this half stripe but after trying them on, my mind changed. They followed me home today. I would recommend these to any guy! 

You get a grey tie incase you get sick of the blue or loose it. 

Post your collection!

Does anyone have a large or huge men's lululemon collection? Feel free to email me photos at I will post them anonymously. 

Check out this guys shorts... 
(Yes, he has more then me)


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mens Swim

El Current Short


UPF Longsleeve 

(this one is growing on me, except the coloured pocket!)

Has anyone checked this out in stores yet? 


New We Made Too Much

Check out the "We Made too Much Section" for some new "Sale Items"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UPLOAD: Board Shorts

The upload is now on the website! Check out the latest gear:

Few Highlights...

Hopefully I will love these, I wish they were more colourful. So much grey/blacks.

Not sure if this is a joke? If you wanted a "Vote for Pedro" shirt from Napolean Dynamite from 2004, you might purchase this mens shirt. Sorry but $54 is pricy for a basic shirt with some red font. Hello $5 Walmart shirt and $1 red sharpie....

CAMO has arrived! Hurray. Hopefully they come in PaceBreakers ! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Item: El Current Paddle Tech Top

This may be part of the Mens Swim Line because of the "Paddle" in the name. I know that mens swim shorts are dropping tonight during the Upload (12:45am Eastern, sometimes its at 3:15am).

Also, why is there some ugly white patch... Why ruin a good item? 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

6 Challenges of Lululemon Men's Gear

Here are a few of Lululemon's biggest challenges in reaching men: 
Not sure if anyone agrees or disagrees, but would love to hear your opinion on these 6 points. Be honest and give me feedback. Im curious to know what you all think about this article. It should be interesting to watch how the mens line develops and the possibility of mens only stores.
(From this Article: Business Insider
1. The brand perception. "There is no sense of a man in current stores whatsoever, which is a huge turn-off," Sozzi told us. "You have to go through the neon women's clothing to get to the men's section. There is no reason for men to go in stores right now." 
2. Few male employees. "I have never been helped by a male store associate at Lululemon and the brand seems to mostly attract women," Sozzi said. "It's seen as a very pro-female brand and that is intimidating to men." 
3. Feminine name and logo. "The name needs to be shortened, and the logo is an even bigger problem," Sozzi told us. "The logo should look more rugged to appeal to men." 
4. Men don't put a premium on looking good at the gym. "Most men are happy to wear a t-shirt and pair of old shorts to the gym," Sozzi said. "They don't see any need to put effort into their appearances there." 
5. The company only knows how to market toward women. "Nike and Under Armour have been using professional athletes to market to men for years and have a lot of that market," Sozzi said. "
6. The clothes are really expensive. Women justify spending $98 on yoga pants because they use them for other purposes like running errands, Sozzi said. "Guys would only use this clothing for going to a gym, so it's not as valuable to them." 

Pizzaz Precise Tee

Here is the Precise Tee in Pizzaz. Tried this online in store today and really liked it. Might pick this up sometime next week. It was super comfy and lightweight. Good for running! 

Camo Sneak Peek

If you look at the notification for the Pivot Polo, notice the Camo Print bottoms. 

EDIT: Apparently these are a pair from last year, but the camp print from the "Store Notifications" are real and are coming soon.

This pair of Camo Core shorts has somehow managed to sneak its away onto Ebay. No idea if they leaked out early or some stores in AUS/NZ already have them in stock. Looking for these in the Pace Breakers, which are my favourite running/casual short.

Another leak below: 

More Markdowns

A few new items put on markdown today. Sizing is limited! 

Check out the "We Made too Much" section of the website.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pace Breaker (June 2013)

Flower Power Printed Back


Mini Mod Waves Printed Spry Blue

Both are 4 way stretch fabric (many of you dislike the 2 way colours)

Also the Beach Blanket Blue is 4 way (Kayak Blue was 2 way)

Will be keeping the Floral Ones, I know Camo is coming out shortly...
 but I feel this print is different enough

Not a huge fan of the Spry Blue ones, hard to pair with a top.


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