Saturday, August 31, 2013

September Sneak Peek

Skip to 0:26-31 for the mens.

Looks like some sort of black rulu half zip (with added mesh under the arms)
Pigment Blue Shorts
The fall/winter mens run tight

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Colour: Deepest Cranberry

Found a new colour in a recent Product Notification called Deepest Cranberry. I prefer this much deeper toned red compared to the Love Red (which we have seen a few times). 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post Gravity Blazer

Above is the Precision Singlet in Plum

Post Gravity Blazer in Heathered Silver Slate

Heathered Black with Plum Lining

Apparently sizing runs smaller, a few people have commented on sizing up. 

Sneak Peek from the Website Fall 2013

Looks like a smaller black duffel for men! (finally)

Plum and Black Post Gravity Jacket

New We Made Too Much!

A couple new things added to the Markdown section. 

Nothing spectacular, but a lower price always helps! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Heathered Plum

Here is the heathered plum post gravity pullover. Thanks Chris for letting me use this photo.

Fit Review: In The Mix Vest

Product: In The Mix Vest

Colour: Soot

Price: $168

Material: Matte Downproof, Primaloft, 800 fill goose down

Size: Small 

Here is the one side of the vest, the side I prefer. I am not a fan of the reversed side (See photos below). Just to be honest in this review, the price is NOT worth $168. The educator was telling me about how this vest is just as warm because of the "800 fill down filling". They were also "able to shrink it down and still keep it just as warm". Im certainly not going to spend $168 on a vest to test to see if its warm enough. I would of preferred a much more thick durable vest. They had the Turnaround Vest a few years ago, I regret returning it after buying it twice. It was the perfect vest! If this vest is repriced at $128, I would consider picking up a soot one.

(If you have a Turnaround Vest to sell, Size Small/Medium, please email me 

Wearing the vest on top of a Core Hoodie, both size small. No problems with the fit, I would size up if you are wearing the vest with bulkier items or the vest fits tight without a hoodie/sweater underneath.

Not a fan of the one sided two toned shiny material. I wish it was all matte finish. It would also be nice to have one side soot and the opposite side black. The "reversible" feature on this colour is pointless. At least the Inkwell reverses to the Blue.

Surge Short III

Fit Review Wednesday!

Going to try my best to stick with this...

Tuesday: New Product
Wednesday: Fit Review
Thursday: We Made Too Much
Friday: Fit Review

(There will also be various photos or information posted when found).

Was able to try the Surge Short II. I wanted to try something shorter then the Pace Breaker but nothing too short. These have a 7'' seam. I am really liking the Plum and Camo Printed shorts. I find they run True To Size compared to the Pace Breakers. My only wish, the legs were more of a slimmer fit. They feature the Ultra Brief Liner where the Pace Breaker has the Boxer Brief. They also feature reflective details and hook to loop in your shirt (if you remove it). I have heard they make excellent run shorts for any distance. I also think the 7'' length is perfect on someone with longer legs. The 5'' is too short and the 9'' is sometimes too long. I am about 6 foot, 130 pounds with most of my height in my legs. 

Also tried a medium to see the size difference. The waist was a little looser as well as the leg opening. I would for sure stay with a size small if purchased. Im holding out for Camo Pace Breakers! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Lululemon Warehouse Sale in LA!

There will be a Warehouse Sale in LA in September
(Weird, they had one in February in Long Island)

Friday September 13-15, LA Convention Centre 

Check out the Facebook Page for more details! 

Post Gravity

Finally these two items are hitting Canadian Stores. Will check them out this week! 


Not really sure what was uploaded today. I think just the PNW jacket and Cruiser 2.0 backpack. Very disappointing. The ladies got tons of goods. Any thoughts?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Core Hoodie vs. Pacific Beach Hoodie

The Pacific Beach Hoodie was the BEST hoodie Lululemon has ever made (from a few years ago). This year they released the Core Hoodie which is an awesome hoodie, basically identical. 

Heathered Plum = Core Hoodie

Retail: $118

Grey/Lime Green = Pacific Beach Hoodie 

Retail: Originally $88, then $98 then $108

Two Logos are similar in size, the Octagon shape has disappeared. 

The Core Hoodie adds ribbing to the arms (more movement), also noticed the larger ribbing around the thumbholes (increased from the PBH). 

The changed thumbhole design is much better, more comfy.

Both are a size small. Notice the Core Hoodie, the length of the arms are quite shorter then the PBH. If you have long arms, this may be a problem. I wish it was slightly longer.

You can really see the difference in arm length. 

The Core Hoodie has simplified the inside pockets. No more irritating mesh. They also got rid of the headphone routing (I never used that feature anyways). A couple of my PBH developed small holes in the mesh so smaller items like coins would fall out over time. 

I found the top pocket of the PBH, the seams would become loose and coins would fall out of the chest pocket in a couple of my hoodies. 

This is where they added some sort of additional liner. This adds more warmth to the side rib panels. It also covers the pockets and makes it smooth. Nothing is irritating your chest from stuff in your pockets. This is a great improvement over the PBH. 

One thing missing from the back is the contrast rib panel logo. Many of you men liked this feature. Also a large amount of men hated this feature. They want to wear Lulu but they don't want it to be a walking advertisement for the company. I think the older back logo was a neat feature. 

Overal, I would HIGHLY recommend checking this hoodie out. It's not exactly the same as the Pacific Beach Hoodie but its very close. I think you will enjoy the improved/changed features and like this one just as much. Currently there is heathered plum, black and inkwell striped ones in stores and online. There is 10 colours/prints coming out over the next two months. Hopefully you find one you like.

If you have any more questions, please let me know! 

In the Mix Vest

Here are some photos of the In The Mix Vest.

I was able to check one out in store over the weekend. I like the vest, it would be great for fall and spring. I did not like the two toned shiny/dull on the one side. Also did not like the fact the Grey reverses to Grey (It would of been nice one side black). As well as the $168 is a steep price. 

(Fit Review Coming Soon!)

Post Gravity Pant in Heathered Silver Slate.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fit Review: Post Gravity Pant

The mens fall cotton pant has arrived! 

Item: Post Gravity Pant 

Price: $88

Colour: Heathered Black

Size: Small

I absolutely love these pants. It reminds me of the "good old days" of Lululemon when they made high quality gear which was worth the price. Definitely similar, if not better to the Formula Pant from Fall 2011. They are very thick cotton with a cozy fleece lining. It features a slightly slimmer fit compared to the Formula Pant. They were very comfy and warm. I could easily see myself wearing these to class and bumming around the house this winter. Also as a "to and from" piece to the gym. Features two pockets at the side (cell phone pouch) and a back pocket. 

Logo is a sewn in on the leg (reminds me of the womens cuddle up pant).

Thick cotton and soft fleece liner. 

Showing the waistband and pockets. Also notice the panel sewn into the crotch and legs to help move the seams away from our junk. Basically reduces chafing. 

Comparison to Formula Pant (below).

(My formula pants were hemmed, I believe the inseam length is the same).

Some men and women are happy the "candy cane" ties are gone. 

Slimmer fit through the legs (less baggy).

Comparison to the Post Surf Pant

Noticeable difference is the crotch is not as baggy. 

Comparison to the Studio Pant II

(Very similar, if not the same fit). 



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