Friday, August 16, 2013

Cruiser Backpack 2.0 Review

Was able to pickup the Cruiser Backpack today at Robson St. Apparently there is another colour coming (something to do with navy and some subtle pattern). Price is $118 which I find is reasonable for the amount of features and durability. I have a Cruiser 1.0 Backpack from 4 years ago and its still holding up great. They are really made for everyone (students, athletes, parents, kids etc). 

Size Comparison

Im about 6 foot tall and 130 pounds. It's definitely on the larger side. 

Comparison with last years Urban Trekker Backpack ($98 retail price).

(read last years review here)

Taller and slightly wider. 

The entire back is made of a semi hard foam. Improved from last years. Much more comfortable with heavier stuff inside. The straps are also shorter, its harder to wear the backpack on your bum. 

Added mesh pouch for a phone. My iPhone 5 barely fit inside. Good luck if you have one of those huge Samsung phones or something wide. 

Love how inside one of the pockets there is a diagram which shows you exactly what belongs in each pocket. It's a great reference and way to learn about the various features. 

Mesh Yoga Matt (tucks inside the zipper). 

Rain Jacket also foldable below. Awesome feature! 

The two pockets folded open. Love the pen holders and zippered coin area. 

Sunglass case is lined with soft felt. The only downside, the pocket is soft so chance you could easily crush your glasses if not careful. 

Inside is an off white, cream in colour with plum accents. Im afraid this may show dirt easily.

Removable shoe bag as well and lots of pocket organization. 

Subtle print on the cream interior. 

Pocket for "dirty or wet" clothes. 

The Yoga Mat Strap is removable, great improvement over last years. 

Tablet and Laptop compartment. My iPad and Macbook Pro fit nicely. Holds up to a 17'' laptop (previous was only 15", not sure who carries such a huge laptop these days). 

Height Difference between the two.

Is anyone else looking for more info or photos? Please let me know! 

Hope this helps, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a backpack. Well made and durable. It will certainly last a long time. Great for travel too. 

why we made this

Pockets haven't looked this good since the invention of cargo pants. We engineered this backpack with plenty of places to store our stuff so we've got what we need to get from home to gym, gym to work and back again.

key features

  • strategically placed pockets on the outside give you quick and easy access to your gear
  • interior mesh pocketing system designed to keep your gear where you left it (no need to dig)
  • padded pocket designed to fit a 17" (43 cm) laptop
  • interior zippered pocket and removable wet/dry pouch help keep your sweaty gear separate
  • removable strap and hammock store almost any sized yoga mat
  • stowable water-resistant rain cover helps protect your gear
  • shoulder straps and back are padded to help keep you comfortable
  • hip and chest strap to help take the weight off your shoulders
  • tested to hold 50 lbs (22 kg)

tech specs

  • designed for: to-and-from
  • fabrics: Nylon
  • properties: durable, water-resistant
  • organization: interior pocketing system, exterior pockets, laptop/tablet pocket, yoga mat storage, removable wet/dry pouch
  • dimension: 12" wide x 191/2" high x 61/2" deep (31 cm wide x 50 cm high x 16.5 cm deep)


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