Monday, September 30, 2013

West Coast Jacket and Metal Tech 1/2 Zip

Left: West Coast Jacket

Right: Heathered Inkwell Metal Tech 1/2 Zip (Green Bean Accents) $84

UPLOAD TONIGHT!!!! Are you waiting or looking for anything?

Green Bean Inkwell 5 Year Basic Tee and Ant-Gravity Pant

Green Bean/Inkwell Striped 5 Year Basic T


Heathered Soot Anti Gravity Pants
(I am hearing mixed reviews about these, some love and some hate)

October Sneak Peek: Pigment Blue Core Hoodie

Loving the Heathered Pigment Blue Core Hoodie

Other then that, I spot a Pigment Metal Tech (already out), a Grey one. It appears to be some Mojave Tan Pace Breakers as well as Black ones. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Metal Tech 1/2 Zip, Metal Tech Green Bean, Cruiser Backpack 2.0 Mojave Tan

Metal Tech Short Sleeve in Green Bean

Metal Tech 1/2 Zip in Heathered Cornflower and Heathered Inkwell

Price is $84 and they have thumbholes! 

Cruiser Backpack in Mojave Tan

Friday, September 27, 2013

Heathered Cornflower Metal Tech 1/2 Zip

Found this photo of the Heathered Cornflower Metal Tech 1/2 Zip.

I am very thrilled they have returned this great product. The perfect pullover for warmer weather when Rulu is too warm. I wore one of these several times throughout the summer in the early mornings. 

Update: Price is $84! 

Seawall Track Pant II

The SeaWall Track Pant II is also returning. 

This is the mens version of the womens dance studio pants.

Im waiting for a pair of grey lined ones.

West Coast Jacket is Returning

If anyone is looking for a rain jacket, the West Coast jacket is returning in Inkwell and Black. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metal Tech 1/2 Zip, Green Bean Metal Tech and Pace Breakers

Grean Bean is arriving (most likely to be uploaded next week during October Upload). 

Very happy the Metal Tech Half Zips are coming back! 

We Made Too Much Update Sept 26 2013

A bunch of new items added to the "markdown" section. Check it out! 

Nothing for me... 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Core Hoodie and Cornflower Post Gravity Pullover

Just noticed, two new colours/prints of the Core Hoodie were uploaded today!

First Decent Stripe Plum Heatherd

Heathered Deepest Cranberry
(looks very pink, below is Heathered Plum as a comparison)

Also spotted a Core Hoodie in the print below. It had the stripes on a diagonal with a white plastic zipper and a black logo on the hood (Not a fan of the white zipper).   

New Heathered CornFlower Post Gravity Pullover with Inkwell 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upload Monday!

A "meh" upload last night.

The Camo Post Gravity Jacket is up! 

As well as these ugly blue sweats.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Newest Pace Breakers

Left: Geo Paisley Tonal Black
Right: Hyper Stripe Printed Deepest Cranberry/Soot

(I love the cranberry ones, mine arrived Friday).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 2013 - Fall Goods!

Camo Post Gravity Jacket
(Should be online Tuesday)

Relay Jacket in Cornflower Blue
(reminds me of those Bench Jackets but better)

Mini Hyper Stripe Velocity 1/4 Zip 

Upcoming Products!

5 Year Basic Tee

Hyper Stripe Inkwell/Green Bean

New Core Hoodie Print

Love, but similar to my plum one! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Thank you "Anonymous" for sending me these camo photos.

Post Gravity Jacket

Anti Gravity Short

Rumours: Upcoming Colours+Prints

Green Bean
(A new green, will be darker then Frond)

Red Camo
(Heard rumours of a red based camo)

Return of Black Swan
(Dark Purple, Almost Black) 


A few new items were added to WMTM (We Made Too Much)

Fall 2013

Two new Basic V (plum striped and black swan?)

In the Mix Vest (Bordeaux Drama Reversed Side)
Mission Pant (Deepest Cranberry) 

Post Practice Duffel

Relay Jacket in Swift Mojave Tan

Fall is looking good! 


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