Thursday, October 31, 2013

Deep Zinfandel Core 1/2 Zip Pullover

This pullover is gorgeous! I am loving the heather purple look, reminds me of the old school Lululemon. I feel the ladies are going to buy this for themselves. Tempting... 

We made too much

A couple new items added to We Made Too Much. Can't complain about $39 Pace Breakers. I wonder why the Mojave Tan went in markdown so quickly. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cornflower Blue Core Hoodie Pulled

Do you remember this "Pigment (Cornflower) Blue Demim Core Hoodie"
 shown in the October Sneak Peek?

*Update: Apparently its actually the cornflower which was pulled*

Do these two hoodies look different? 

Well October is nearly over, according to Lululemon... It was pulled before hitting store shelves.

What a disappointment... 

*UPDATE:  Cornflower Blue was pulled*

October 29, 2013 Upload

Some new product was uploaded to the website last night.

(this Core Crew is actually a Rulu Top, I said it was cotton in a previous post)

Ray Accents! Ray is an awesome colour.

The US got the Green Bean/Inkwell Core Hoodie. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Product Drop: Core 1/2 Half Zip

Looks like it will be on the upload tonight! 

New Markdown: In the Mix Vest

Picked up the Inkwell/Cornflower Blue In the Mix Vest for $99 (regular $168).

That $99 price tag was way more reasonable! My store had all colours and sizes. 

New Colour: Zinfandel Lululemon Men

A new colour will be out in November called Zinfandel

  A dark Purple, the photo below is from a women's item (the other colour is plum for a comparison).

Looks like we will see a Core Crew and Core 1/2 Zip in this colour. 

Sneak Peek: November 2013 Goods

Heathered Inkwell Post Gravity Pants

New: Core 1/2 Zip (Rulu running pullover)

A cotton crew neck! 

Update: Rulu! 

There is a possible chance some of these goods may be uploaded, if not then next monday night.

We should see the Green Bean/Inkwell Core hoodie, Pigment and Cornflower Blue. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mens Fall Camo Update

Are you sick of Camo or love Camo? Well, there is more on the way...

Lots of Camo is coming in November!!!

Also looking forward to the Cranberry Camo.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hyper Stripe Green Bean Core Hoodie

New Core Hoodie Print

Thanks for sending this in!

Hyper Stripe Green Bean (looks like inkwell). This is tempting... 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camo Pace Breaker Notification

Found this notification for the Camo Pacebreaker, should be hitting stores this week.

Also note the "rugged blue bomber blue" and "soot cornflower".

October 22, 2013 Upload

A tiny upload last night, nothing caught my eye.

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Year Basic LS (Long Sleeve) *SE

Not sure exactly what else is coming this week. Rumour has it that there is a winter mens coat similar to the Polar Parka for women but for men coming this week (maybe next?) in Inkwell and Black. This new 5 Year Basic *Special Edition* is ugly... I thought coloured sleeves were way out of style.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

In the Mix Jacket Review Inkwell

Checked out this jacket in store today, I was impressed! Wearing a size small and the retail price was $238. The online photos make the jacket appear quite cheap and lightweight. In real life, its actually quite heavy and warm (for this type of jacket). This would be an awesome fall/spring and "warmer" winter jacket. I could see this being a winter jacket in some of the warmer winter places. Here in Ontario, it can be less then 0 degrees (all the way down to -20 Celsius or colder with wind chill). This jacket would not be warm enough for some of the more harsh weather. Im still waiting for a mens winter jacket (hopefully this week). 

Zipper pockets to cool down. 

Thumbholes to keep sleeves in place. 

The website originally showed this jacket as reversible but the zipper does not fold over. The reversed photo has since been taken down off the website. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

In the Mix Jacket

The In The Mix Jacket is hitting stores. Shown here in Inkwell. I believe its also reversible. 

Metal Tech 1/2 Zip Review Heathered Cornflower

The grey camo half zip is from two years ago. Just wanted to provide some comparison photos. 

I really wish the new Metal Tech Half Zips had the same camo type pattern. I like the textured look! 

The cornflower blue is bigger in length (sleeves and arms). 

Notice the 1inch longer arms. 

Use of this metal tech is mostly for running. There is that period of time when a Rulu Pullover is way too warm but its a bit chilly for a short sleeve. I tend to use these on cooler days in the summer or the beginning of fall. They are lightweight and breathable. I do appreciate the thumbholes. The only downside is the water downed colours from the heather effect. Price is $84, the one from a few years ago was $108. You are paying about $10 more for the zipper and thumbholes (compared to the metal tech long sleeve). Other colours include grey, inkwell and deepest cranberry. 


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