Friday, February 28, 2014

Camo Comparison

Finally found a pair of fatigue camo pace breakers in store. Here is a comparison to the other 3 camos. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring 2014 Mens Goods

Tactic Jacket Fatigue Green

Ive heard good things about this one! 

Fatigue SeaWall Pant

Fatigue Camo Pace Breakers

These are flying off the shelves... 

Metal Tech Half Zip 

Love this item, it just needs some sort of texture or pattern.. its basic!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Looks like the Fatigue Camo Pace Breakers sold out in record time... 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UPLOAD! CAMO Pace Breakers

A few items uploaded to the website today...

Im going to check out the Tactic Jacket in store, it looks promising! 

Yes, These Fatigue Camo Shorts will be mine (great for a race outfit)!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Looking for SeaWheeze Precise Pant Medium?

Hey everyone!

My friend is selling a pair of SeaWheeze 2013 Precise Pants for $95+ Shipping from BC. Yes, that price is UNDER retail price... talk about deal!

Size is MEDIUM, New with Tags!

If you are interested, send me an email or join the MENS Exchange

US Warehouse Sale: Minnesota March 28-30

For those of you in Minneapolis Minnesota

Lululemon Athletica is holding a US Warehouse Sale

Dates: March 28-30

Details on the Facebook Page

Friday, February 21, 2014

Frond Items on Markdown

A bunch of the Frond items hit markdown... buy now before they are gone! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

To the Readers of LuluMen...

As some of you may be aware, I was almost banned from the Lululemon Online Store!

Here is the STORY...

This is an open and honest letter to my readers and followers...

Phone Call 1
On February 5, 2014  

Lululemon called me (Breanne to be exact) and she warned me about reselling Lululemon. She told me If I continued to resell my Lululemon I would be banned from their online website. Never in my life have I spoke with such a negative and mean individual. For her to call me and harass me over selling something online, she said multiple times it is against policy. This is when I felt victimized, bullied and upset. She was extremely rude and loud on the phone. I will never forget this phone call. The total length of this call was 1 minute, she was very quick and firm.

Phone Call 2
Later February 5, 2014

I decided to call this Breanne girl back to discuss the previous phone call. At this point, I wanted to know what I did to violate the policy. This made absolutely no sense to me. I have only sold 10 items on eBay over the past 2-3 years. I asked for clarification on the resell policy and I quote "It it against the policy to resell new or used Lululemon". She clarified this USED and NEW several more times in this 5 minute phone call. At this point, I am shocked Lululemon attacked me. 

(At this point, they never told me what exactly violated this policy... I assumed it was my eBay?)

Social Media
Facebook Post (read here

I posted on the Facebook page an initial post which expressed my feelings.

At this point, it had 141 likes and nearly 200 comments...

Talk about a huge social media explosion.

Thank You Family, Friends and people of the Lululemon Online community. I appreciate every single one of your comments, posts and Facebook messages!

The ONLY reply on this particular Facebook post was this 

"Breanne from the GEC"

No, NEVER want to speak with Breanne again... 

They also used the wrong "here", talk about a mistake. Other then that they seemed to ignore all comments directly towards this incident. Great customer service? Seems like brainwashed robots if you ask me. Honestly, their replies are all copied/pasted and canned.

Business Insider

At this point, I spoke with Ashley from Business Insider and we worked together to write this article. 

Power of Social Media

At this point the story has exploded everywhere. Multiple websites picked up the story.

(there is tons more out there)

First Apology

I received a follow up phone call on February the 6th with a very brief apology. We chatted about the incident that occurred and how I was feeling. I expressed my anger, frustration and disappointment. At this period, she explained to me that I was reselling on eBay. She told me it was the Camo Pants I bought at the Warehouse Sale and then sold on eBay. She was polite and kind on the phone. We ended up chatting for 11 minutes and I fully expressed myself. I was angry at Lululemon for targeting myself for selling 1 NEW item on eBay and the rest used. When you look at eBay, you can see hundred of new with tag items at 2-3x the retail price from power resellers. These are the customer that should be banned from the online store. Attacking me, one of your most loyal mens fans was a huge mistake. Do I really want to continue supporting your company? 

Resell Policy Updates

The websites FAQ, has been updated twice since this incident.

The original policy
(the first one says the product is not meant for resell)

The updated policy (I believe was posted Feb 5,the day of the apology call) 

Note: This policy was a focus towards new items at an elevated price point

The current resell policy
(This one states we can do what we want with the product, but not at an elevated price point)

Good News?

Looks like I was able to change the policy! They will no longer target used product. The main focus is items that are sold at an elevated price point. This means the #1 focus should be the eBayers that purchase entire product runs during upload or store unboxing and post at 2-3x retail price! 

Also Dear Lulu (fix this stuff too, It will help!)

Please fix the Sheer Pants (some new pants are still on shelves and sheer)
Attack all people selling fake/counterfeit products (eBay, Kijiji, House Parties)
Stop the power resellers (eBayers with hundreds of products at 2-3x price)

CTV National News

CTV National News contacted me and wanted to run this story on National News. It was aired on Sunday February 16 at 6pm (based out of Vancouver). I agreed to a taping and the story took off. It has now been picked up by many local and international news sites. 

*Note: I never said I was banned completely, I was just threatened*

(More of this interview was taped but only some was shown)

Watch the clip below (It was the first story on 6pm national news)

Here is the "follow up" article. 

An Apology? My thoughts and opinion... 

Yes, I did receive an apology from Lululemon. It was very basic and simple. I believe the announcement of the apology was to make it look good on the various news websites. Honestly, Lululemon this apology was not enough. I have been a loyal customer for several years. I have spent upwards of $10,000 on your products. I have run this blog for over 2 years now, completely voluntary to promote the mens side similar to LuluAddict. I created LuluMen as a space for men to connect online and chat about everything related to Men's Lululemon. I created this brand for men to enjoy Lululemon products and learn all about the great products you produce. Currently your mens sales are only at 15% of the total sales. I had a vision, I wanted to be your Mens Brand Manager and work with the mens team and help elevate the mens side to the next level. This one big dream has been shattered! I have NO desire anymore to work for your company. You make some killer ass products, and I am being serious. There is NOTHING out there like the Pace Breaker in regards to mens running shorts. There is NOTHING like the metal tech short sleeve. There is NOTHING as good as your Pacific Beach Hoodie or Core Hoodie. I could go on and on about some of my favourite products. Im going to be completely honest with you Lululemon. You have some great products (well some need some quality testing aka females pants) but the mens side has been accelerating the past several years. My local store (Masonville) has ALWAYS been a great experience. I have NEVER had a bad visit or experience at this location. All of your staff are friendly, kind and helpful. Many of them know me my first name personal basis. I absolutely love this store. Big shoutout to the Masonville Ladies who have supported me and said kind words about this negative incident with Lululemon. The problem is your employees who work at the Guest Education Centre aka Call centre. These employees sound like robots. They have boring copied/pasted answers and they never understand some of the treatment you have done to your guests. You need to work on your customer service. You need to treat guests better (we are essentially paying your pay check). Yes, an apology was a great start... I was expecting more. Why couldn't someone who really means the apology call me? Someone who is more then just a call centre rep. Why couldn't you "compensate" me with some free product or gift card to entice me to purchase your product again. Would some free Pace Breakers or Camo products (Yes, Im obsessed with camo) really hurt? No, It would give me an incentive to continue to buy your products. It would also be a reason for me to continue this blog and promote your products. It would also be a great reason to contact the various media websites and say "Hey Lulu apologized to me from the "Head of Blank" and hooked me up with a generous gift card. Think about how good this would sound on some upcoming press updates. This would be a great way to turn this negative public relations into a positive one. Admit, you made a BIG mistake by attacking me. I sure hope you make changes quickly, and turn this experience into a positive one. If you continue to treat your customers like crap, you will no LONGER have customers... 

Will LuluMen Continue?

Many of you have emailed me and asked "will you still run LuluMen"?

The answer is YES! Lululemon still makes some of the best mens athletic apparel. I will do my best to update this website and make it the best resource for men to read. I also would love for my readers to spend me product info, reviews or photos to post (lets all work together). 

If you want to resell Mens Lulu, join the Facebook Group (Lets stay away from eBay!)

Yes this experience sucked, I was attacked and victimized. I felt angry and upset. I also felt betrayed by such a large corporation... You made a big mistake... Own up and Fix It! 

Im ready to move past this incident, Lululemon... I am waiting to reconnect our loving relationship! 
You make some killer ass Pace Breakers, I can't stop buying them!
(Hint: make more CAMO Pace Breakers, all colours of Camo)

Concerns, Questions? Comments?

Drop me an email at (I would love to chat)

Tweet me: @ericlewis91
Instagram: @ericlewis91

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fatigue Fatigue Fatigue

Well, that was a Fatigue Upload... It's everywhere! 

Not a fan of this particular colour (personal opinion) but its nice to have some more masculine colours on the mens side. Maybe fatigue camo will come too! 

Oh these new Camo boxers, I wish I bought the cranberry ones :(

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lululemon Athletica Reselling Policy

For those who have followed along, I was almost banned for "reselling" lululemon online

Read about it here (business insider

1) This was the original reselling policy.

2) This was the updated one after everything went down.

3) This was the one updated again this week.

Also featured on CTV National News

Watch Here

Friday, February 14, 2014

First Look: Backpack

Here is the new mens backpack!

Im not 100% sure on the name, Ive seen it labeled differently across various channels.

1) Cruiser Backpack

2) Cruiser 2.0 Backpack

3) Cruiser Backpack *Camo

Hopefully Lululemon fixes this across the websites and email notifications, its labeled something different (UK, Hong Kong website or email product listings).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Core Hoodie Fatigue Green

Here is the Core Hoodie in Varial Flip Fatigue Green/Fatigue Green/Black

Allot of you guys are loving this hoodie, I am not... 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

El Current Short II On Aus Website

An updated version of the El Current Short II is on the AUS/NZ website. 

The print is called Petite Fleur Black.

What Do You Think? 


An early upload occurred this morning...

Looks like Fatique is coming to the mens side

Here is the 5 Year Basic Tee from the video preview!

Nothing for myself, Im taking a break!!!*

*Note: I will occasionally buy Pace Breakers :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lululemon Spring 2014 Sneak Peak

Here is the Spring 2014 Sneak Peak

5 Year Basic Tee *Striped

Spring Blazer

New Luon Jacket

Fatique Green ABC Pant

Another look at the black blazer

Lululemon Hiring VP of Mens Retail

Stumbled across this job posting today.

Lululemon is hiring a VP of Men's Retail...

Sounds like the first step to opening mens only stores in 2016?


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