Wednesday, May 28, 2014

YOGASMOGA: Want $50?

Use the hashtag #SMOGI on Instagram and enter a chance to win $50 off your next YOGASMOGA Purchase. I was able to try their mens gear and posted some reviews. 

Absolutely love their Nirvana Shorts! Very comfy :)

Lululemon Men

The official Lululemon has launched a LululemonMen Twitter and Instagram. Follow them! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Upload May 26

Heathered Split Pea Metal Tech 

More Lakeside and Ocean Hue

Im not getting this metal tech, whats with the random stripes?

I also spotted a Metal Tech Polo in store (new)! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sneak Peeks at Tonights Upload

Here is the Britts Picks for tonights upload (around 7:15pm est)

Looks like the Forest Green is coming to the mens side and
I believe the blue is also Ocean Hue! 

Pomelo Pace Breaker

Picked up the Pomelo Pace Breaker last night. Figured it would be something different compared to the usual grey, black or blues.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

YOGASMOGA: Sherpa Long Sleeve Tee

Here is the third YOGASMOGA review for some of their products they sent me. This is the Sherpa Long Sleeve Tee in Carbon 6 (black!) in size small.  Read the reviews about the Nirvana Short here and the Sunday Tee here. The final item is the Dharma Pant, coming next week. 

Once again, love the simple gold logo.

This shirt is made of the Koura Fabric which is made from biodegradable eucalyptus cellulose fibres that are moisture wicking and soft. The feeling of this shirt is like butter. Super soft and cozy for those cooler days. It would make the perfect spring/fall shirt for outdoor running. It's similar to the Lululemon Rulu Fabric. I believe the quality is better, less likely to pill or snag.

Paired with the Nirvana Short. To reference, I am about 6 foot and 135 pounds. All of these products are in size small. They all fit nicely. 

I will have to post a performance update after some use. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Here is the second review of the YOGASMOGA products (4 in total). The first review was the Nirvana Short found here. This is the Sunday Tee in the Midnight Blue and Grey Caviar. 

I really like the logo, its smaller and not obnoxious in your face. The gold is a nice touch.

Made out of the Koura and Auro Mesh Fabric. The Koura is a fabric made from biodegradable eucalyptus cellulose fibres that are both moisture wicking and soft. Very similar to the Rulu material from Lululemon. I did not want to take this shirt off. It would be very comfy during running (which is my favourite way to sweat). I paired this shirt with the Nirvana Short. The Auro is breathable as well. 

The unique fabric around the neck was comfy. When moving around, I find it much more comfy around the neck. It was a different feeling but much better then regular shirts. 

The grey fabric is a nice accent touch. Makes it more unique. 

The entire outfit. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

YOGASMOGA: Nirvana Short

First review of 4 products sent from YOGASMOGA for review. 

The Nirvana Short
These are an all purpose athletic short. You could use them for running, yoga, soccer etc. (anything active). The length on me is just above the knee. I believe the length is 9''. The material is their own fabric called Aurum which is a technical blend of Supplex and Lycra. The shorts have a built in boxer brief lining which I find much more soft compared to the Lululemon Pace Breakers (can be scratchy).  They retail for $74 and come in black, lighter grey and navy. Purchase them here

Built in brief liner. 

I love that these products are made in the USA! 

Let me take these for a run and report back early next week with performance report. 

Stay tuned for the next 3 reviews... 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Upload last night!!! 

I am loving the Swim Pace Breaker! Wish it was offered in more colours...

Also they fixed the collar on these pivot polo, fit is way better! 

Cotton Kung Fu Pant has potential! 

Also, do I need Pomelo Pace Breakers? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Swim: El Current Short Lined, Ocean Tech Shirt

Mens Swim Line !

El Current Short

Love this print and blue colour! So tempting! 

El Current Short *LINED 

These swim shorts are lined with luxtreme. They also are slightly shorter at 9''. I would recommend sizing up on this item. The inside liner fits tighter then the short. A 30 was too small for me but a 32 fit much better. It would be interesting to see how the liner dries after getting wet. At least this pair hides your junk outline when wet compared to the previous unlined versions. 

Ocean Tech Long Sleeve

Ocean Tech Short Sleeve

Now to be honest, the Ocean Tech Shirts were horrific. I really had high expectations for a type of water shirt with UPF. The material was very thick and stiff. It was not comfortable at all. I couldn't imagine wearing this around the beach or pool. I was hoping for some lightweight material to wear in the water to protect with UPF similar to some of the previous women's items. This was a fail. Maybe these two items work for you, but I give them a thumbs down. 


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