Monday, June 30, 2014

Savasana Camo 20cm New Arrived

Here are the Pace Breakers in the Savasana Camo 20cm New Black/Black. They just arrived today!  This print is the must subtle of all the camos. They look black unless there is some sort of sunlight. The photo below on the left is natural sunlight and on the right is inside. The camo is barely noticeable. I love anything Camo and Lululemon so I ripped the tag off almost instantly. For some of you that own previous Camo, this one may not be worth it to you. I really wish they made the Cranberrry Red Camo into Pace Breakers... That would be a fun print. 

Another photo in the natural light. Very subtle print.

* Will post a comparison with the other camo later, depending if laundry is done in time* 

Win $1000 from YOGASMOGA

Click here to enter to win $1000 in Smogi Bucks (aka free money to YOGASMOGA)!

Upload Sneak Peek

Today we will be seeing the new In City Limits Short being uploaded to the website. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23 Upload!

Finally, the last pair of Camo Pace Breakers were uploaded!!! 

Metal Tech Tank, love the heathered look (reminds me of old lulu)! 

Metal Tech Tank

Early peek at tonights upload. The Metal Tech Tank will be out in Heathered Black and Navy.

Found these photos on Twitter. 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Starting to enjoy the Heathered Very Green colour... 

New Colour called Ice Blue

Deep Cove Pace Breakers 

Sneak Peek at Todays Upload

Looks like Very Green is coming to the mens side.

Pace Breakers in Deep Cove and some new hat! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

YOGASMOGA: Fathers Day

Currently YOGASMOGA has a fathers day special. Purchase 1 Mens Top + 1 Mens Bottom and you will receive a free SUNDAY Tee! Might as well try out some new gear and enjoy the savings. I promise, you will not be disappointed. 

Order Here 

Currently my two favourite items are the Sunday Tee and Nirvana Short. 

Below I am wearing the Midnight Blue and Grey Caviar. I highly recommend trying them out!

Just a quick update: Wore the Nirvana Short on a 5km run today.

There was absolutely no chaffing, they were very comfy. The movement of the shorts while running surprised me. These shorts are definitely a winner.

Lusche Pace Breakers

Picked up the Lusche Pace Breakers in store today. Awesome print! 

Product Photos: June 2014

These photos are from the Garden State Plaza Store. Its great to see more stores focusing on mens product. Hopefully they increase the options in the upcoming months.

Tactic Jacket in Cove 
ABC Short 

Daily Shirt Short Sleeve 

El Current Short II (Maui Lui Black) 

I want to see these in a Pace Breaker, they would be fun! 

Open Air Tank

Notice the different back logo... 

Metal Tech Polo

Saw this in store last weekend. Totally forgot to post. It's a metal tech polo. Very neat concept and fit great. Might pick one up this weekend. I also saw a blue colour in store. Both are $84 in price.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Article about Lululemon Men

A great article was posted on Outside: Gear Guy Titled "Is the Mens Apparel from Lululemon Any Good". You can read it here. The biggest problem is trying to separate the mens and women's into two separate categories. They have been so well known for the women's side now trying to increase sales on the mens side is difficult. Trust me, they make amazing clothes! You will love them too!

What are your thoughts? 

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Upload!!!

Some new goods uploaded to the mens side... 

I am in love with these Pace Breakers!!! Do I order online or stalk my store?

These palm leaf board shorts are neat, maybe in a Pace Breaker 


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