Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ABC Colour Comparison

Thanks Jace for the great comparison photo of the various ABC Pants.

I am really liking the Fuel Green, should of bought them!

I am really debating the Deep Zinfandel.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

What We Love September 25

So my MacBook died so it's been hard to update the website. Even with my iPad and iPhone, the blogger interface is complicated and frustrating.  So looks like I will be either getting a new Mac or trying to get it fixed. That will certainly hurt the lulu budget. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plum vs Red Grape

I was hesitant on Red Grape and Plum being very similar but turns out they are quite different. I'll keep both! 

The left is Red Grape & The right is Plum. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

In Store: USA edition

Ahhh this blue duffel bag is beautiful. I want it so badly. Why does it have to be $138...

I have no idea what this colour code is, but it totally looks like fall or pumpkin spice. Haha!

Ahh some of these Basic Ts are beautiful. I wish I could buy them all. 

Pace Breaker: Regular vs. Luxtreme

So right away, you may notice the Luxtreme is $10 more then the regular. Also the Luxtreme pair is quite heavier then the Regular ones. I tried wearing the Red Grape ones on Sunday while shopping in the USA and it was quite the different feeling. Much more tight in the legs and butt. The front was "more supporting" but still had plenty of room. 

Notice the Red Grape has a reflective stripe down each side. Nice feature! 

Here you can see the longer Luxtreme Liner. 

They are much much longer. 

Is the $10 price tag worth it? I'd say so, if you want more support and that tighter feeling. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fit Review: City Sweat Jogger

My store finally got more smalls in, finally! I was able to try out the City Sweat Jogger. People always think its nuts to spend $98 on sweat pants, but hey if they hold up nicely = worth every penny.

The material of these sweats are extra soft and cozy for some reason. Previous sweat pants seem to be more stiff and less soft but these are like butter on your legs. Super comfy and relaxed fit. I like how the leg does have the slight elastic cuff which makes it easier to tuck into boots for the winter. Yes, it snows and gets cold up here in Canada. I could easily see myself wearing these sweats, laying on the couch and watching netflix. Talk about a lazy night! These should be called "Netflix and Chill Pants".

I am wearing my normal TTS small. No need to size up or down. 

Why did't I buy them? I told myself I do NOT need anymore sweats. Maybe next week! 

What We Love Sept 18

Looks like fall is full schedule ahead. I am loving the colours. My wallet is not. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dependaball Cap

Looks like some American Stores finally have the Dependaball Cap in stock. Im hoping this one fits my "Small" head much better then the other hat. Ill have to secretly try it on in store.

Fit Review: Field LS

Also tried on the Field Long Sleeve in Moss/Gator Green ($108).

Overall, I liked the piece but I wasn't loving it. The material was nice, more stiff then the usual french terry. I found the fit to be true to size (small) but it had more room along the bottom waist then normal. Also there was this weird stitched on part (bottom left) that looks like a pocket but its not. So that was sorta confusing me. This piece also lacks the thumbholes. It's one of those pieces that I would pickup on markdown ($59) and wear for the fall and winter but I certainly not up for the full price. There are far more things I would prefer like Rulu at full price. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fit Review: Metal Vent Tech Hoodie Prep Red

I am not sure why I was lusting for this item so badly. Today in the store, this pullover really got my attention. I think its the red colour. I am tempted to get a white maple leaf printed on the front or back. Make it my Canadian pullover. The shade of red is perfect. 

The fit was true to size (small) with enough room for movement. I am a little disappointed that there is no thumbholes but I guess that is just the theme for Fall for mens. It will be the perfect piece pre/post run this fall. I am really pushing myself to keep running till November. I wish we had the climate to run all year round but its too cold for me. I cannot breathe in freezing temperatures while running. I wish I could run outdoors all year round. Time to move to Las Vegas?

Obviously don't wear it with plum shorts. 


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