Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fit Review: City Sweat Jogger

My store finally got more smalls in, finally! I was able to try out the City Sweat Jogger. People always think its nuts to spend $98 on sweat pants, but hey if they hold up nicely = worth every penny.

The material of these sweats are extra soft and cozy for some reason. Previous sweat pants seem to be more stiff and less soft but these are like butter on your legs. Super comfy and relaxed fit. I like how the leg does have the slight elastic cuff which makes it easier to tuck into boots for the winter. Yes, it snows and gets cold up here in Canada. I could easily see myself wearing these sweats, laying on the couch and watching netflix. Talk about a lazy night! These should be called "Netflix and Chill Pants".

I am wearing my normal TTS small. No need to size up or down. 

Why did't I buy them? I told myself I do NOT need anymore sweats. Maybe next week! 


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