Thursday, November 24, 2016

November 24 Product Drop

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Went to my local store to check out some of the new product. It still throws me off when new goods hit the stores on Tuesdays/Wednesdays vs the usual Friday mens drop. Sooner is better! 

The Stratum Hoodie 
(also comes in a dark grey and the teal)

I bought the light grey one! Its soooo warm!!!! plus Water-resistant. 

Chamber Pant 
(I forgot to take a photo of the tag)

This pant is made of the spacer fabric but features a very loose fit. 

Stratum Track Pant 

Absolutely loved the Stratum Track Pant. They had such a warm cozy feeling. Nice slim fit through the legs plus zippered pockets. Id totally buy a pair in navy or black. 

Repetition Hoodie!

I am confused why this piece is $118. Yes its super soft and comfy but ridiculously thin. I think this item should be priced at $88 or so. I couldn't justify this price for such a thin item. I am also confused about the hood, I would never wear it.

Weekend Long Sleeve

This teal colour is gorgeous. I am so tempted by this item. The wool was nice and cozy. Not too thick. The only downfall is the reflective stripe on the back. Sorta makes it harder to wear this item as dressed up. I like to buy pieces for everyday use too! 

Not a huge fan of the reflective stripe, harder to dress up. 


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